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We are a passionate organizational consulting company focused on helping you craft a collaborative, positive, and energized organization where FULLfilment comes to both individual and organization!

We understand that achieving organizational success requires cohesiveness between goals, objectives, and performance activities with values, practices and behaviours. We will help identify and match your organizational strategy with your organizational culture to create optimal performance!

Our success at transforming organizations is rooted in our ability to listen to our clients' current and unique business challenges. Collaboratively we will create clarity of direction and develop a map of what needs to be done aligned with how it's done. Our workshop and consulting services focus on

     ■     mapping the foundations of strategy including mission, values, cultural practices, vision, business analysis, and calibration!

     ■     assessments that benchmark your organization's current strengths as well as areas of entropy

     ■     training services that assist your organization craft the future and navigate the alignment of organizational results with people engagement

We not only assist with planning the business strategically, but also with planning the people strategically!

Contact us for a consultation or browse through our specialty workshops! We look forward to working with you!

David E White Biography

David E White has been leading organizations through start-up and restructuring phases for over 25 years.

His effective approach is the result of personal real-life experience, beginning as a young factory floor worker, rising through the ranks to CEO, and being stretched through many diverse challenges and situations.

David knows what a successful turn around looks like, and the courage it takes to stay engaged. He knows what rapid growth feels like, (after orchestrating a 1000% sales increase over 8 years at one of his early posts) and the challenges that come with "success". He also knows what business failure looks and feels like and has learned valuable principles of recovery.



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He is a regular columnist with SaskBusiness Magazine, and founder of the strategic planning and facilitation company Synergy Solutions Group, which works with a diverse set of clients who are seeking to maximize the sustainability and impacts within what they do. David also writes regularly about the art and science of Crafting Culture on his personal blog, DavidEWhite.ca.

If you need to rediscover courage for the turnaround, inspiration and insight to re-engage yourself and your team, or clarity for the confidence to take your next steps, David offers an insightful perspective you will want to hear!

"Creating High Performance Cultures"