Through our mapping process we assist organizations to develop a strategic roadmap which includes defining clarity of purpose, planning strategically, identifying values, and facilitating effective cultures. Our focus is on helping you create an aligned strategic plan and winning culture that facilitate sustainability and optimal performance!

Our collaborative and facilitative step-by-step change management approach includes an interview, mission development, values identification, culture creation, SWOT analysis, visioning, strategic plan development, and organizational alignment.


We begin out partnership with a comprehensive interview process. We seek to understand your work environment, people, practices, and challenges. Through this process we document and being to build a framework and baseline of your organizations current state. Your initial interview is complementary.


Understanding and possessing a purposeful, articulate mission is an integral building block of strategy creation. We help define, clarify, and create a framework that will guide the formulation of your strategy and consult on effective implementation.


How does your organization do its work? What drives the behavior of your organization? Many have asked the question, but we provide answers! Values underlie the behavior of individuals at all levels of the organization. We work with you to outline the values that are essential to your organization to reach strategic goals, facilitate change management techniques to achieve organizational buy-in, and help you implement values based leadership. Unity of values equates unity of behavior!

Cultural Practices - team charter

Many organizations have struggled with understanding and creating effective organizational cultures. Organizational cultures are complex with many beliefs, norms, and personalities. We help you make sense of your organizational culture, get it on track with your mission, and ensure it is conducive to a productive, fulfilling environment!


Through a facilitated SWOT analysis you ll gain deeper insight into your organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We guide this understanding to create a concrete action plan to support your organizational strategy.


Possessing a clear directional vision is essential to organizational success. We help you create a collective vision amongst your team which supports your organization s desired outcome.

Goals and Objectives - Strategic Plan

Knowing what your goals are is not enough to reach them! You must also outline the objective of how you will reach your goals. We provide customized guidance on the creation of your business strategic plan. We not only help you identify where you want to go but how you will get there!

Structure - Restructure - Alignment

Throughout this step of the process we work on harmonizing your strategy and culture. You can expect to have your organization shift through strategic change management processes and move from its current state to desired state.

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