Personal Values Assessment

To encourage building a values-driven society, in collaboration with the Barrett Values Centre, we are providing a free product called the Personal Values Assessment (PVA) that anyone can use to explore his or her personal values. The Personal Values Assessment is a simple survey that takes just a few minutes of time. The report includes information and exercises to help you understand your own or other's personal values.

     ■     This is an invaluable tool to open up the conversation about values with family, friends, colleagues, and community members, as well as clients.

     ■     While the report has been developed to be self-guided and is emailed directly to the participant,

it also has the potential to be used for coaching purposes.

     ■     For new hires, the PVA can be used as a tool to discuss their values.  Similarly, it can be used

with current employees to initiate a values/behavior dialogue. It can also be used as the basis for

forming and building teams.

     ■     Reports are usually delivered to the participant within a matter of minutes.

To take your own PVA or invite others to take their PVA, please visit:  

Personal Values Assessment

Organization Culture Measurement

Organizations are increasingly exposed to economic, social, technological, and globalization changes which present seemingly insurmountable risks and challenges. As a result, companies are tasked with not only managing but also thriving while experiencing these changing uncertain times. Research has demonstrated that organizations with strong, resilient cultures are more successful at surviving these challenging circumstances as organizational culture determines your competitive advantage.

Synergy Solutions Group can help your organization develop a winning culture that results in lasting enhanced organizational sustainability! How do we do this? We understand that cultural capital is a values-based, intangible but powerful force that drives the behavior in your organization. We conduct a comprehensive cultural assessment that identifies the values currently exhibited in the organization, values desired for the future, and leadership values.

360 degree Leadership Development Reports

Three hundred and sixty-degree feedback is an effective tool for gaining insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. You will receive a valuable report containing confidential, anonymous feedback from your direct reports, peers, and managers combined with your own self-assessment. We will then work with you to interpret the results and utilize the report for your personal development.

We then work with executive leadership teams to facilitate personal change and assist with the dissemination of desired values throughout the organization. As we measure and reduce entropy, we also focus on increasing positive values. We take your through a transformation process that results in enhanced organizational change.


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